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Obesity Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

Most of the people feel difficulty in taking care of their body because of busy life. In a busy life, stress increases due to which the person is unable to pay attention to his food and drink, due to which the body fat starts increasing. Most of the people in India suffer from obesity and some are also embarrassed among the society due to being overweight. Many girls are not married because they are too fat. Not only this, obesity can also cause many other diseases to the obese person. Obesity is not beneficial in any way, it only causes harm.

Obesity Symptoms

Obesity not only increases body fat, it can also have other serious consequences such as shortness of breath, sweating, sleep problems, tiredness and shortness of breath when walking a little, swelling in the body. Obese person may have diabetes, if this disease occurs then other diseases can affect the person quickly. Skin thickness increases as body fat increases. The size of the waist and hip also increases.

Obesity Causes

If a person's body does not consume as many calories as the calories it consumes, then body fat starts accumulating. The person who does not includes exercise in the routine and overeating due to which the body accumulates fat. Eating unbalanced also causes obesity. In some people, hormonal changes occur due to which the person starts eating more food and he starts eating more calories to relieve hunger due to which obesity increases.

Other Causes

Not getting enough sleep:-

Not getting enough sleep is also a reason for obesity. Sleeping less or getting more sleep than necessary is harmful for both the person.

Obesity due to metabolism

Efficient and fast-acting metabolic system controls vasa while slow system can increase weight.

Obesity due to illness

When a person is ill, he has to take medicines. Some medicines are such that are helpful in gaining weight of a person. Medicines those are harmful for obesity are antidepressants, anti-seizure medications, diabetes, steroids.

Genetics reason for Obesity

The power of any person to convert food into energy may be different from other individuals. Sometimes this power also depends on the person's genetics.

Passive lifestyle

If a person does not eat as much food as he does in his daily routine. So he has to exercise to spend this energy or else the weight of the person will start increasing.


As a person grows older, hormonal changes can occur in his body due to which obesity is increased. At an older age, the person is not able to spend much energy which leads to obesity.

Prevention of Obesity

Most people want to get rid of obesity, but this can be done only by following several types of rules and by changing their routine.

Avoid foods to reduce fat

Eating fruits is beneficial for health, but if you want to lose weight, do not forget to eat these fruits.


Banana is a very sweet and delicious fruit and it is rich in protein, vitamins and glucose. A banana has 108 calories. Carbohydrate is important for smoothing the parts of our body but its high amount increases weight. Banana should never be eaten with milk as it increases weight quickly.


Due to high carbohydrate and sugar levels in Chiku, it helps in increasing the obesity of a person, so if you want to lose weight, eat this fruit less. Protein, phosphorus, iron and vitamins A and C are also found in this fruit.


Grapes are also effective in increasing weight, so should not be eaten while losing weight. Black grapes reduce weight, so if you want to eat grapes, then eat black grapes.


Fig is a fruit that increases weight, so if you want to lose weight, do not eat this fruit. If you want to lose weight, it can be done in less time with obesity herbal treatment.