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joints pain in vaishali delhi india

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Joints Pain

Joints loose their mobility, when you grow old. We suggest for ayurvedic greasing of your joints.

joints pain in vaishali delhi india Movement in the body is a functional combination of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and synovial fluids.

Arthritis is one of the disorders of moveable joints, bones and muscles. Starting with the hands, it progressively affects all the joints resulting in pain, stiffness and damage to cartilage, immobility.

Ankylosing spondylitis is a severe form of arthiritis affecting the lower back and sometimes hip joint in elderly people.

Cervical spondylitis is more common in young adults. Our treatment is specially formulated to provide long lasting relief in arthiritis and inflammatory conditions of joints. It reduces R/A factors, E.S.R and minimizes cartilage distruction by modifying the disease pattern. Unlike aloepathic drugs, it does not produce gastric irritation and can be safely used without any side effects.



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Feeling happy and confident after Oseteoarthritis Treatment at Varun herbal clinic, Praveen Kapoor, Age 67 Years (From Kandiwali, Mumbai)


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joints pain in vaishali delhi india