ayurvedic clinic in delhi
ayurvedic clinic in delhi
ayurvedic clinic in delhi
ayurvedic clinic in delhi
Alopecia (Baldness or Hair Loss)

Say Goodbye to Baldness, Hairloss, Falling Hair, Greying Hair before its too late. We have complete solutions for all hair problems.

hair treatment in vaishali delhi india There can be various reasons for hair loss, for its treatment it is necessary to consult a specialist. Ayurvedic and herbal treatment is a better option to prevent hair fall. Dr. Manju Singh and Dr. Diwakar Singh have received deep knowledge about this subject, which they have received after 30 years of hard work. He has full experience in hair fall due to various reasons. If you have any kind of hair problem then you can visit our clinic.

How to know in which condition the hair can grow again and what is the reason for this?

when does hair fall

Some people use many types of chemical-rich products to keep the hair from the new style, which damages the hair, due to which the hair roots become very weak and hair fall starts. Using the wrong kind of dye can also cause hair fall.

Many people also get the problem of hair fall due to hereditary condition. This condition is also called androgenic alopecia. Male-pattern baldness and female-pattern baldness occur at different positions. In men, hair falls more on the front and in women on the top. Even after hormonal changes, a person's hair starts falling, it can happen to women in many situations such as pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and thyroid. Alopecia Areata is a condition that is related to the immune system of the person, due to which the problem of hair disorder also arises.

One reason for hair loss can also be the use of synthetic medicines. In many diseases, a lot of medicines are consumed, which affects the person's skin and hair, due to which the person's hair starts falling. Those diseases in which hair fall of a person are cancer, arthritis, depression, heart problems, gout and high blood pressure. If you have any disease like hair fall, obesity, psoriasis etc. you should be taken ayurvedic and herbal treatment because these medicine doesn't' cause side effects.
How to prevent of hair fall?

Avoid using harshness towards the hair and while combing, a wide toothed comb should be used as it does not pull the hair too much and avoid breakage. Hair should not be tied too tight while applying rubber bands because there is a risk of hair breakage due to excessive tension on the hair. Hair should not be shampooed daily. If still hair is falling then you can start hair fall ayurvedic treatment. Sun rays and ultraviolet light can also damage the hair, so while going in the sun, use a cap or any cloth so that the hair can be protected from the sun's rays. Keep away yourself from smoking.

Medicines are available in the form of Capsules, Creams, Oils, Tablets made from pure herbal extracts.

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hair treatment in vaishali delhi india