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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Coronavirus Treatment With Herbal Medicines

ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis and eczema in delhi Coronovirus (COVID-19) is a virus found in animals. For some reason it can transfer from animals to humans. It is a severe acute respiratory syndrome.Control of viral diseases and eradication from society is a big challenge for doctors, it spreads in society very quickly. Coronavirus is also a viral disease that occurs from person to person due to touching and respiratory infections.

Preventing this disease is the cure and there is a need to make one's immunity system strong to prevent this disease. Here we have better treatment by Dr. Manju Singh to strengthen the immunity system with herbal medicines. This disease is at risk of early onset of the older person, its cause is the weakening of the immune system, so elderly people need to take more precautions to avoid this disease. This disease can affect the person from the infected person quickly, so the infected person is treated separately from other people.

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Ms Neelam an IT professional from Bangalore

Ms Neelam an IT professional from Bangalore happy to share her views about dr Manju Singh & her tt at vhc ayurveda kendra.

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