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breast enhancement clinic in delhi

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Clients And Testimonials

Happy Clients of Varun Herbal Clinic

breast enhancement clinic in delhi
Abhishek Agnihotri(vitiligo)
breast enhancement clinic in delhi
Neha-Obesity (25 Kg)
breast enhancement clinic in delhi
Reema-Beauty & Obesity(15Kg)
breast enhancement clinic in delhi
Meenakshi (Skin)
breast enhancement clinic in delhi
Prachi (Skin)
breast enhancement clinic in delhi
Shalu (Hair)
breast enhancement clinic in delhi
Pawi (Gynae)
breast enhancement clinic in delhi
Preeti (Piles)
breast enhancement clinic in delhi
Mr. & Mrs. Shehrawat (20 Kg)
breast enhancement clinic in delhi
Happy Clients
breast enhancement clinic in delhi
Pavi Bansal (obesity - 20 Kg)
breast enhancement clinic in delhi
Pamposh (Skin)
breast enhancement clinic in delhi
Rishabh (ACNE)

Testimonials By Clients

Dear Papa,

I was really busy with Anirudh's Birthday and Diwali preparation that I hardly got a chance to write something for Dr. Diwakar. Today I got a chance. This is what I have written for Dr. Diwakar.

"I have had Vitiligo for over 10 years. Nothing worked; I tried both Allopathic and Homeopathic treatments. Both of the treatments just lead to frustration and Mental Stress. Vitiligo is a disease where a person suffers only from Mental and Social Stress. I was desperately looking for a Doctor who can really address my situation. My father saw an advertisement in a local newspaper and that is how we came across Dr. Diwakar. He is a magician. He offers Ayurvedic treatment. The quality things which you require in a good doctor are Motivation, Confidence, Patience and Dedication. Dr. Diwakar has everything. He treated me not like a Doctor but like a mentor which helped me in regaining my Self Confidence. I followed his guidelines and medicines. With his hard work and dedication I could proudly say that my Vitiligo is 90% cured. We are very happy with the treatment of Dr. Diwakar. I would recommend Dr. Diwakar to all the Vitiligo patients."

Abhishek Kumar Agnihotri,
Toronto,Ontario, Canada
I have also attached a photo of mine for the purpose.
I will be sharing the Anirudh's Birthday and Diwali Pics soon.

I had Severe skin pigmentation and weight gain problem, I had tried various medicines but all in vain, but once I started taking treatment from Dr. Divakar, I got excellent results. Thank you to Dr. Divakar. Mrs. Salikh (Karol Bagh, New Delhi).

I gained out, along with well developed bust line, that too without any steroid , no side effects. Thanks to Varun Herbal Clinic who treated me for 3 months with amazing results. Shiraz(Nausari, Gujrat).

We tried your ayurvedic medicine which we found very good for the constipation problem we were having. we are more than happy to be a part of your clientele. Reenu and Ashish (panipat)

My heartiest thanks to Varun Herbal Clinic for treating me for the thyroid and menses problem I was facing from long time. I tried to reduce my body weight but all in vein but at VHC along with reduction in body weight with 10 kg in 3 months, my menses are regularized and my thyroid is also under control. Tamanna (Goa)

I have got positive attitude for my life after getting treated from Varun Herbal Clinic. I was suffering from Leucoderma, Vitiligo which is no completely cured. I have a charming skin now. Thanks a lot to Dr. Divakar. Mr. Abhishek Agnihotri (Canada)

I reduced 15 kg weight from my body without any dieting. I really appreciate your treatment. Its really good and I am thankful to Dr. Manju. I got married with a smart guy after your treatment. Your medicines not only treated me for over weight but what I found is that there is a glow in my skin after reducing weight. Pawi (Noida)

I suffered from chronic skin disease from 1999, I tried everything available in medical science but found Varun Herbal Clinic really rocking in treating me. They gave me a stress free and disease free life. Moreover they are more than friends to me now and I just call them to know about any problem if I am having. They treated me in 90 days. Mrs. pamposh (J&K).

During pregnancy I gained 30 kg extra weight with a de-shaped body structure. Dr. Manju at VHC helped me to reduce the weight and gave me a very valuable gynecological consultancy which is really wonderful and is helping me in my daily life. shalu (haridwar)

I was suffering from Arthritis since last 10 years. Your treatment has made me free to move around. Mr. JK Jain (New Delhi).

I was so worried when I found my hair falling at a very high rate. Now It is controlled after treatment I got from Varun Herbal Clinic. Now I look more young too. Devender Solanki(Palam)

My marital life improved with your treatment and counselling. It has given me new confidence. Miss. Dolly (Najafgarh).

I had tried so many medicines for my bleeding piles. It was so uncomfortable, pain and shame for me. Your treatment has given me a big relief. Excellent treatment. LK Mehra (Rohini-New Delhi)

I reduced 20 Kg in 4 months under your guidance and treatment. It has given me lot of confidence and new life away from diseases. "That was not a medicine but a God's gift to me". Mrs. Anil (Nangloi-Delhi).

Thanks to Varun Herbal, as I get rid of my pimples and got a glowing face. Their treatment liberates sweet dimples from ugly pimples. Rishabh (Patna).

breast enhancement clinic in delhi